Let this be the bottom

I have been on a hill lately. A very steep hill and it is sloping down. It’s made of tiny gravel, slippery dirt and rock.

I think this is a karmic hill. And it all started with two nails.

Confession: I took two nails from a store without paying for them. There was no bin or price per nail, I needed two stinking nails and I took them out of a box. And soon after the sucky luck began.

My mood went waaaaay down.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, wait, no. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Then the bad luck started in. I dropped things, I ran a yellow light and got a ticket (I think, it was a camera, let’s hope not). I got down on myself. I was angry at my fiance, and I had some minor catastrophes at work. It was just bad news.

I was out running and I felt ashen. I felt so crappy. I saw all of the beautiful colors but I didn’t feel like a part of this world. I felt like a person apart. I felt as if I were a shadow of myself and what I wanted to be.

I am NOT this girl

So yesterday, after one of the hardest yoga classes I have ever had I went back to the store and gave them some money because I “was undercharged”.

I know, I know, not the most honorable way to give them the money but they have it now and my mood is getting better. I had to sleep on it last night but this morning I woke up to a much better mood, a better mind and a better outlook.

I started with a nice run, then a good cleansing eucalyptus shower.

*Just put a few drops on the walls of your shower and it will feel like a friggin spa!

Then made a nice breakfast. Imagine this picture…

No toast please!

Only without the bread. Now I am off to run lots of errands before I go see the Owl movie whos name I can never remember. I hope I have more content soon.

Also, somethings brewing in my brain.

P.S. Life without artificial sweeteners kinda sucks sometimes. Does anyone know any blogs devoted to cutting out ALL sugar?


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