Let go’ that paddle

Thank God for family.

I went in for the ol’ routine oil change on Kahara, my Subaru, my unicorn. I dreamed about this car (not really) before I ever got it. I didn’t think it existed until I saw it on the used car lot! Thank God for that. (Insert bad joke here about the man selling me the car being named Muhammed)

My Unicorn

The car above is not MY car per-say but it is a picture of an exact replica of my car. Except it’s brakes are probably better than mine right now.

Aaaaany way, back to being thankful for my family.

Today I had to get my oil changed and my brother met me at Green Mountain to run a crazy hard trail. Ever since I have started catering running has been so difficult. I know I need to rest my legs when I’m not working but I can’t! It’s fall and I live in Colorado. So, thanks Stevie for being my amazing running mate. Even if you do run half a mile in front of me.

I love the view from Green Mountain!

There was a time during then run that I really didn’t think I could go on. I was tired, I was panting and I didn’t want to take another step. Then I just let go. I let go of the paddle and let myself ride the river of the run. Suddenly the run wasn’t so hard. I finished just fine and I wasn’t too tired to work a 7 h0ur shift later in the day.

Let the water take you where it will

The “letting go” idea has always been a hard one for me. I’m still working on it, even some of the time. But when you can…wohha. As one of my friends used to say, “It’s all good Ann, It’s all cheeze in the woods.”

Also, I have an amazing mother who took some of my laundry to complete! Seriously, I’m old, I live in my own place and my mum is still willing to do some laundry for me, in her awesome front loaders. Without her I would not have been able to work this evening.

Isn't she beautiful and healthy?!

I had to drive and do a solo gig in Castle Rock, Colorado. I’ve never been to Castle Rock for any extended period of time but the people at the medical office that I worked were GREAT! They made what could have been a difficult night into a ball.

I was working an event where they were giving away free prostate screenings. It was amazing to see doctors openly debate the pros and cons of prostate screenings. After talking with Doctors and Nurses I have come to my own personal conclusion that a prostate screening is a good thing for men over 40. Knowledge is a powerful and not always positive thing, especially when it comes to knowing whether or not you have a gene for a certain disease. So, if you do want a FREE prostate screening! Fun right?  You can go HERE. People in Denver, Co. Spgs, Castle Rock, all you men out there this is a great chance to get some pricey tests free.

So, thanks to my family for helping me in ways they may not know. I love you all so very much!


One thought on “Let go’ that paddle

  1. ok that picture has got to go…. I still say I look like Captain Morgan’s mother…..aaaaarrrgh ! I will send you a better one. laundry is an easy and quick chore, I can do it with my eyes, and mind, closed.

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