Make me new again

Well, damn, this is tougher than I thought.

It seems like fake sugars, fake foods are everywhere! In cereal (of which I don’t really eat), in drinks, and yogurt and weeding them out is a slow and painful process. I had to give up the big DC is in this process.

My arch nemesis

Working in the catering industry and getting in at 1 am I want to eat but I drink something instead. So, I try to turn to something with as few calories as possible since I don’t want something heavy in my stomach when I go to bed. I usually have a diet coke or some hot chocolate, both made with aspartame. Last night when I got home at 1 am I gave in and had a Diet Ginger-ale. I don’t like the feeling of giving in but I know I’m getting better about eating real food. And now onto the REAL FOOD!

I grabbed a few bars for work in attempts to try out their taste and longevity. (how long they keep me full and energized) They also had to meet certain criteria. Each bar had to have relatively low sugar and a good amount of protein. I like fiber in my bars too! A clean inside leads to a happy outside. Also, it must have a very short list of ingredients. After all, I’m trying to simplify my food, not complicate it!

First my least favorite:

No Zaz, no Zing.

This bar tasted fairly boring and within two hours I was hungry. I had higher hopes since it was a plus protein bar, but alas.

Next up? Hemp!

Semi-satisfying. I decided to try this after a workout, and with some yogurt. It was ok, but without the yogurt I would have NEVER been full for more than two hours.

Last but not least, two winners!!

Three cheers for the Raw-Revolution



Again, Awesome!

These two bars were the bomb! I love the flavor and how they kept me full and going all day (energy, not toilet) and they aren’t like a brick in my stomach.

I had a great yoga class today as well at Vital Yoga. The intention for the class was taking broken glass and making something new of it. Melting down the glass, appropriate for a hot yoga class. I’m not saying I’m broken but I think we all feel that way sometimes. I just have such pleasant feelings right now. Like, for the time being things are going in a good direction. The yoga that usually makes me feel more tired and sore is enlivening. This is the time I have wanted to delve further into my practice in a very serious way. Now if there were only some way I could do their teacher training and my catering job.

I will find the right way, in that I trust.


One thought on “Make me new again

  1. great blogs Annofireland. thanks. good info and great pictures to identify with. I understand you get your goodies from Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, great shopping there, best price in town for you too, right? at least it has been until you move too far away some day.
    I wonder if Raw Revolution is interested in your personal research?

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