It’s Only Natural

I was driving in my car yesterday headed to work at the Denver Botanical Gardens and this thought hit me like a dull lightening bolt.



I have been on the “natural” “organic” and “whole” foods bandwagon for some time now but this is the first time I really took “real foods” to heart. I had a protein bar in my bag, which admittedly, I finished during my shift. But during the shift I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I didn’t have a diet coke, and I didn’t have any snack-y type foods.

Looking at my pantry that night it’s amazing how many things I own have fake foods in them. The pudding I love, the hot coco I love, the fiber my doctor told me to take (tmi- Don’t like it? Don’t read it). It’s amazing how much I actually eat that is not actually food! I’m going to start weeding this crap out of my diet.

Can't, Can't, Can't?

I have spent so much time in my diets trying to weed out carbs, or fruit, or dairy or this or that but I never really thought that maybe I should be eliminating


I love kitchy non-food

So as things leave my pantry, and I hope they do slowly, I’m going to be replacing the things I love with real foods or eliminating them because they were far too fake. Those foods are not too common in my cabinet, but I’m sure they’re there somewhere. This should be an interesting experiment but I hope it’s a life changing one in a good way.

Have any of you out there ever tried something like this? Did it stick?


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