Journal of a woman on a mission

For the past few days I have been pondering this time I have been gifted without a job. Should I scrapbook? No, that’s a punishment. Should I work out more? I didn’t think that was possible. Should I try my hand at knitting again? Maybe, we’ll see. Or, should I begin to work with food again. Austin and I began nice culinary journeys when we were in the land up blah (AKA Ireland, where cloves were the only spice they had used…for drinks).

Also, I have been pondering become a certified yoga instructor. I have a drive to help people better themselves and show them that at any age, any body type, any mental or social level they can be made better through yoga.

I just have strong feeling that is time is meant for me to learn something. I don’t know quite what it is though. My head and my heart are pulling me in different directions but I have a feeling that there is some perfect combo of the two. A job that will focus my head and heart in one place. I don’t know if  a “Perfect” job exists, I just know that I love to do so many different things that there will be a job that I enjoy. Even if, for a while, it’s waiting tables, or serving coffee or holding open a door.

I feel so young again, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Part of the time I feel like a scared teenager looking for a job, the other times I feel like a business CEO taking a sabbatical from work to pursue her dreams. Nary the two shall meet? Well, this CEO is off to a job fair, do you even think these things are worth it? I’ll see. One way or the other, I’ll find out.

Any thoughts on what direction I should go, signs from God, angels, spirits or Ben Kingsley are appreciated.


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