I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

At least that’s what my bag must think at this point. I really can’t believe my bag fit everything in! I have a VERY serious fear that it will explode.

The end is not nigh my friends, the end is here. I have witnessed my last Irish sunset, my last Irish afternoon, my last lazy stroll through St. Stephen’s green. It’s over friends, and I’m going home.

To quickly recap the day, Austin and I woke up in The Fitzwilliam Hotel. Thanks to Zac and Sam we found out about this amazing jem of a hotel and we were able to scrimp our coins to come up with enough dough to spend our last two days here in the lap of luxury. As I type I am actually on a find bed sitting in a wonderful, soft terrycloth robe. I can’t remember the last time I stayed at a hotel with robes. I love, love, love this!!

We had a nice breakfast with Sam and Zac and saw to it that they were able to make it to the airport and then we commenced our last day of strolling. We took a long path through St. Stephen’s green and we took all of the copper coins (1, 2 and 5 cent pieces) and gave them to all of the street performers. Hey, it’s not great money but it’s better than a kick in the head, as Rita says. Austin was taking pictures all day and he has a wonderful account of everything that happened today, I hope I can do it justice.

We walked around for a while then stopped at Cornucopia for lunch. It has been my favorite spot for our time in Dublin. It’s a vegetarian and whole-food restaurant. I love their sprout salad, it always perks me up when my body is feeling rundown. It’s like a b-vitamin salad.  We walked all over Dublin just finishing up the last of our shopping and finding fun trinkets and bobbles along the way.

We had a nice, last detour into Ballyfermot to clean Elaine’s house and make sure everything was in order there. Then back to Dublin!

Then we made our way to our favorite market Fallon & Byrne for after dinner and had a cuppa and some dark chocolate. We talked about our favorite times (the hike in Wicklow, Hotel beds, tiny horses) and the worst (kids with guns, no grid system roads, no yellow mustard) just to gain a bit of perspective, or try to at least.

Then one final trip to Fitzgerald’s pub, where our trip started for one final pint of Guinness. And finally a LONG night of packing. I really can’t believe we got it all into our bags! Now, I am very tired, a little sad and excited at the same time. All of these feelings are numbed by the desire for sleep so hopefully I will have a longer chance to blog in Boston, where we have our 5 hour layover.

Till then.


One thought on “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…

  1. what can I say……… Ireland’s loss our gain. we will all be glad to see you back here among the ‘spoiled Americans’ sharing your wit, your joy, your mirth and your talents, all the better for having lived among the clansmen. welcome home children…..we have missed you…..

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