What a difference a day makes

           Wednesday was a different kind of day. I was still only feeling about 25% of self but it was a whole different kind of day. I tried to run but it didn’t go so well. I really kind-of wanted to run but my body wasn’t feeling it. I have been taking Iron on a daily basis and it still doesn’t taste metallic so I’m guessing I need to keep taking it. (Flora is SO CHEAP over here)

      We had one showing of Selggin early in the day for an amazing bunch of kids that really had a lot of fun with the show. We had a q&a session after the show my favorite part being:

Kid: Where did you get your fun green socks?

Me: I got them from a store in Denver, CO.

My thoughts: I got it at a store called “the Crypt” frequented by strippers, trannies, and general kinky and fun people who frequent a very diverse area on Broadway.

   Then Laura and I got the rest of the day to play around and help the other fools get ready for their performance of Brilliant Traces which was, for lack of a better word, brilliant. Lou and Rita were wonderful, truly one of the nights watching theatre that make the magic feeling leap from the stage into my head.

Before the show I got a wonderful surprise, my three girls from the workshop we did a few days ago came to see the show. They truly lifted my head to a new high. These three girls, who just a few days ago tore my heart out, flung me into a temporary depression and made me generally feel crummy came to see the show.

    THEY came to see OUR show! I was as proud as a parent. These girls not only came to see the show but they expressed interest in going to the Passionfruit theatre to volunteer or audition. Theatre can change lives and because I talked to them they came to see the show and maybe, just maybe their lives will be bettered by it.

  Today we had our last morning in Athlone and we started our LONG trip up north to this amazing little Barn in Co. Antrim. This is the most beautiful place in Ireland that we have seen thus far.

   Austin, Laura and I went down to the ocean and touched it, smelled it and (sorry mum) tasted it. It was lovely in every way.

   Tomorrow: a day on the coast!


2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. dad and I just caught up with your blog, we have been out of touch this week. last weekend we worked our hearts out at Linda’s and with Linda, but felt we failed as we moved on to Florida. we worked out hearts out again, in florida for 3 days to clean out the boys house with stevie and Kat’s help. she worked so very hard as did grandma for one day. the 2nd day she had spent her wad and just sat for the last 2 days with her feet up watching. we left florida hot, tired and with stevie’s 4runner (no a/c) got it fixed on the road, moved into wentzville to find gramma’s a/c didn’t work (got that fixed before we left) and then on to rescue Linda and figured on a fight but found her ready to move on as he had ‘done her wrong’ for the last time. evidently. now we are beginning the long drive back to denver this morning. your dad is a martyr and a saint for what he has put up with and I’m sure he will be glad to fill you in whenever you have the time to listen. are you kids staying on longer in Europe, beyond the expected July 5th return date? also, if I might ask, respectfully, would Austin consider letting us use his truck to take back to KC again, next weekend, to move the last of Linda out of her house. we probably won’t need it but it might be an option. I hate to say it but we have to go back one last time (without gramma and linda) and empty out the house for foreclosure. it didn’t get done last week, like it was supposed to, no surprise. love to all from 2 very very exhausted parents. we are enjoying so much reading your blog, it is the bright point for our days lately. love you both so very much and hope this finds your next day another soft and lovely Irish blessing. xoxoxoxo dad and mom

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