Not all days are golden

With every up comes a down. I’m experienceing one of these downs and I’m not sure how to get up again.
Today has felt like a Mulligan day. I used to have Mulligan days in college every now and again. I would get home after feeling shitty and get into bed and take a nap and then wake up a short time later and start the day anew.
I think part of my lousy feeling was because of yesterday and the kids and part of it was because of how I delt with it. I went into the Ann-cave and sulked in my own way. I am dissapointed in how I delt with it but I have to accept my actions, move on and change them the next time if I want a different outcome.
We had the Passionfruit theatre to rehearse in today and Lou, Rita and Austin worked Brilliant Traces. Laura and I took it easy today. I didn’t even work out: that is CRAZY. I always work out, almost every day but today I really haven’t felt like it at all. I took a nice long walk for about half the day through town getting props for the shows and trying to make myself feel better in the uncharacteristic Irish sun. It didn’t work.
This evening Lou made an amazing dinner and I still didn’t feel good and continue to be bummed out. I think I’m going to call it a day and hope that tomorrow feels better.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all rain clouds and puppie tears. Great things are happening all around me
* we laughed a lot a dinner
*I saw some beautiful things today
*There has been no rain today
* I am alive
*I appreciate my life and I am enjoying and learning so much from this trip
I just hope tomorrow feels better. For now that’s all I can do.

2 thoughts on “Not all days are golden

  1. Things will get better, I know it’s hard seeing the things that you do over there. Just think though, you have already made a difference in their lives. If you feel this strong now, think of what you can do and organize over here to bring back to there next time.

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