Happy Dad’s Day!

Some cows joined me in my walk this morining

Welcome back to the internet Ann! We’ve been totally out of commission this week due to all of the travel so I haven’t had a chance to update this. I’ll try and pick up where I can.

Yesterday we spent our first full day in Roscommon near the Silver Eel bar and B&B (highly recommended if you’re ever in the area). I went on, what I will call the most beautiful run I have ever taken. The cows, the sheep, the rolling fields and the 65 degree weather with rolling clouds. Ok, that last part really makes we wonder if I am really in Ireland.

I showered up and got ready to go into this beautiful town called Carrig-on-Shannon, with the most stunning day I have experienced yet. The sun was shinning, the water was clear and I was in for a surprise.

On the river Shannon

Our beloved hosts, Loraine and Colin had arranged for me to take a ride in a boat on the Shannon!! I love the water and the only thing I love more than being near the water is being on the water, notably in a boat. The weather was so nice I got a great sunburn making the children’s show today all the more fun!

Our show today got underway for some children that LOVED Selggin and then Austin, Elaine and I went back into Carrick  for a light lunch and some walking. Today’s weather was even more perfect and I still can’t believe we’re in Ireland. Now, for a change of pace we’re watching a movie and taking the night in!

Happy Paps dad Daddy! I miss you and lurve ya!!


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