A soft day with no rain.

Around here when a day is rainy, slow and generally subdued they call it a soft day. Well today, as the title implies, it was indeed a soft day but without rain. Things were just at the pace they needed to be.

I have a very early morning tomorrow so hopefully I will get time to fill you all in on everything we did today.

For now here is the rundown so I don’t forget.

*Yoga in the garden

*Recycling for Mary

*Shopping for glasses/lunch with the girls/shopping with the girls

*Home for a nice dinner with Austin and packing for Dublin.

*Out for coffee with Austin at the Left Bank Bistro

As you can see here Lou found us a phone at the junk yard and he decided to wash it. That’s right, he decided to wash the phone. At first I thought it was odd but now I’m not so sure. Thanks for washing the phone creepy Lou.

*Home for washing dishes and surfing

*feeling strong with a rag

Just for fun, this was a picture of one of the tiny horses we saw on the highway yesterday.


One thought on “A soft day with no rain.

  1. awwwww. he was adorable, remember the miniature ponies in California you used to ride? Ruthie’s? Karen Falbo sent you her breakdown of your tests, to your email. weather is HOT here. I sooooo remember the soft days in Ireland…. it’s a much slower pace. hmmm a hostel in Ireland, like Wicklow or Wexford, or Cashel…. what that does to my soul to think about something like that. love to all (especially my Irish Lass)

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