Tiny horses, bouncing deer and the summit or The most amazing day yet.

As the title says this day had a lot to live up to. Yesterday (Sunday) we had a late gig at the Shebeen Chic at which, and some will deny, we kinda bombed. I don’t like to look at it negatively though, it was a wonderful learning experience after which we all went out and had a nice drink with Elaine, Rita’s amazing sister.

Today we woke up and made breakfast at Avalon House in Dublin, a very busy, and very fun hostel that we did not get to spend too much time in. I had a nice run around Stephen’s Green (I think I finally found out where they keep all of the beautiful people in Ireland) and we got on our way to the Wicklow National forest.

It took us some meandering through Dublin and their side streets to figure out how exactly to get there but Austin is an amazing co-pilot and he steered us straight. And it was Amazing. Amazing with a big A.

Farie rock

Our Pose!

Biggest Wishbone ever!!

We arrived at our first stop: Wicklow’s visitor Center and began the Spinc route (not the best name, I know) but from the first few steps we knew we were onto something special. The dual waterfalls at the beginning must have been working overtime to create some amazing negative ions for us this day. As we climbed the 600+ steps (I, and my knees, kid you not) we were embraced by the most amazing greens, our eyes looked upon the most pristine views and the cleanest air I have ever held in my lungs. Every step was hard on the body but good on the soul.

Not too sure on how I couldn't get one of the other four people to take my picture.

Fools Unite!

The cliffs were frighteningly high but every view was worth it. It was a place in which, you close your eyes and imagine the same scene, open them, and the real thing is better than your imagination. On our way down the back of the trail we saw three tiny deer that actually bounced when they ran away.

Further along the trail we stumbled onto a silver tree. Don’t ask us what kind or species but it was silver people. Here (soon) is the picture to prove it.

After a well deserved meal we got on the highway but it wasn’t long before we were stopped dead on the M50. Why? You may ask.

Car Accident? No

Motorcycle Accident? No

Oil spill? Giant Sink-hole? spontaneously combusting road?

No, people, this is Ireland, and they only shut the road for one thing.

Tiny horses on the roadway. Yes friends, tiny circus horses had escaped their holder and were jumping the guards between highways. So, as the traffic was at a dead stop we decided to go ahead and introduce ourselves to our neighbors and Laura and I decided to snap a few pics and start rehearsal for Matt and Ben…in the middle of the highway.

That's right...that's me on the highway. Standing, about ready to rehearse.

Home for ice-cream and flakes! Now to bed. Jay-sus I’m tired.


One thought on “Tiny horses, bouncing deer and the summit or The most amazing day yet.

  1. no way, in any country, can that day be topped. none. none. wow……. did you get a pic of the tiny ponies? with Austin standing next to one? what a picture that would be.

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