USA v. UK (see also: my sister and brother-in-law are still married)

So, the day of USA was great! We made burgers and apple pie and it was all a wonderful sense of nostalga and home. I do miss some things about home…namely YELLOW FRIGGIN MUSTARD!! Do you know how much people in this country would benefit from a sure supply of Frenches? I do. A lot, they would benefit a lot.

Then we went down to the pub for the match at which point I was having a total out of body experience. I don’t know if it was the food but I think the pound and a half of sugar in the pie may have tweaked me. I went home early to watch the draw of a match. Oh well, I guess they both live another round.

Tonight (Sunday night) we have a gig in Dublin doing improv and I am not feeling 100%. I think I need to reassess my love of Irish food, it’s making me what I call: buttery. I have soup and gluten free brown bread far too much. I think the time has come to endulge in the finer meats and other proteins of the country. Till later on!

Improv Action shots


One thought on “USA v. UK (see also: my sister and brother-in-law are still married)

  1. I only remember how much we missed a bottle of ketchup but I didn’t think about mustard. whoda thunk? hope the improv goes great for all. climbing into a much needed sleep at home in Denver finally, it’s cold and rainey. we went from 88 degrees hot and muggy to 47 and constant rain in Denver. wow, but the sleeping will be great. it beats sleeping in air conditioning. although we came home empty handed, we are hoping for a better outcome next weekend. we are going back to give it another shot. never give up never give up never give up…. hope you can get your little ole gut feeling better. how did Laura make out? did she end up with a physician or survive on her own? best to all and love to you and Big A.

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