Athlone again, naturally.

Friday after visiting and saying goodbye to Cashel we let the others take a day trip and we stayed here in Athlone to get some things done. Is there anything finer than clothes dried on the line? Well, having clean clothes at all is rather nice.

I love that Mary is letting us use her place but I feel like a gang of vikings or locusts. We come in, we eat, we clean (poorly sometimes) and we leave. I hope whatever we provider her is enough to make her feel the immense gratitude that we all have for her. To open her house and her kitchen to us is a dangerous prospect.

Today we are getting ready for the USA v. UK game. I made an apple pie last night and Austin and Lou are going to be cooking up some good ol’ american burgers.

Right now I’m going over to the fresh air market next to the castle to get some eggs and Gluten free bread!! I’m so excited by the proliferation of Gluten free foods here. It makes me happy.

Beautiful day in Athlone



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