No, SERIOUSLY dude, where’s my car?

I think that title about says it all. I got up early (which is FINALLY getting easier for me) to go move the car and do some yoga. After a 30 min, unsuccessful walk I did not find said car. I got back, a little more wet, angry at myself, and frustrated I threw the keys at Austin and told him to go find the car and move it before it was towed. Another 45 mins later guess who shows up with no car? That’s right Austin.

    Soooo, after a poor, sick, sleep-deprived Laura and Lou go looking for the car they return about 30 mins later, successful, thank God. However, Laura is not doing well. She is still very sick and without sleep she is not doing any better on the mental/physical front. We do have two shows today at the Carrigaline library and we are looking at alternate ideas if our little one is too ill to play with the kiddies.

Onward and upward.

Ann K


One thought on “No, SERIOUSLY dude, where’s my car?

  1. Sounds like time to visit the doc….. some straight meds, would be my guess. Although acidophilus is what she needs in her gut, I imagine the strain found in Guinness is not quite the right one for what ails our gal. Hope she is well and kicking soon. So ‘who’ lost the car?

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