In Cork, not bored, ready for the kiddies.

Monday, Monday. Bank holiday in this country. What exactly that entails I am still not sure, other than the fact that most of the stores are closed and every one eats like Memorial day.

           The fools? What are we up to? Well, I took my long monday run and found a nice back country trail, got chased by a poorly mannered dog, saw a horse and foal and a sad memorial to an 18 year old man next to the railroad tracks. My runs in this country have allowed me to run into many stop and think moments. Think about the fact that I am the founding member of a theatre troupe, the fact that we worked, scrimped and saved to come to another country, think about how this is the best learning experience I never expected but would never take back.

      We got a late start, surprise, surprise. I swear this country eats time like the Irish drink Guinness! Austin and I took a stroll through Athlone this morning while everyone else was finishing their packing and such and we were on our way in the early afternoon. The dreary weather is very Irish, finally a true Slow Day as Mary put it. It’s as though the rain makes everyone take a collective breath and slow down. The walk that the young men usually have through town is slowed to a stroll, the hurried meals are all conversation and savor. I like slow days every once in a while. But then my fidgety, jittery self takes over again and things pick back up to their usual pace.

     On the way I spotted a familiar name on a pub.

And then we were off to our half way point: Cashel!! This is one of my favorite spots in Ireland since it is the location of my most favorite picture of my mother EVER, taken by my father. We had a quick lunch, a quick look around and then it was back into the car where we had another picturesque trip into Cork.

      As I write, I am sitting in Sheila’s hostel and the rest of the fools are resting in our swanky room. Again, pictures to come as soon as we get back to Athlone and I can do all of that fun stuff! Till then…


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