First day of the show…Ya’ll (hangs head in shame for reference)

Well, Cork is an interesting town to say the least. We were out last night when we stumbled into the Hayloft. An upstairs room of a bar that did a poetry slam every monday. Naturally we joined in and Austin did an amazing Texan accented rendition of our poem, ‘Flaming Coffin’.We were given fiv words: Coffin, Mule, Blazing, Free, and one word I can’t remember.

Sadly, we didn’t win the prize of a pint of beer, it would have been gone too fast to remember anyway.

       Sleeping in the hostle is not as fun as a night at a pub with good poets from Dublin and Cork. The beds are far too small for our tall men. They have to sleep like Abraham Lincoln did, apparently, slant-wise in the bed. I told them they should just take off their stove-pipe hats and sleep like a normal person. They didn’t think it was funny. I did.

      This morning I went on my ‘Get to know the city Run’. Cork is very interesting in the AM. Like every other city in Ireland so far I have seen, they don’t REALLY wake up until 8 or 9. Running at 7 is perfect for watching the people stumble home or the city workers picking up from the day before. Everywhere I ran had an amazing energy from the Marathon that took place yesterday. So many people, all running for one goal. A marathon is something I truly aspire to before I am 30.  (And hopefully, this year).

     One thing Austin and I agree upon. Cork is like Seattle without the coffee and with much more Whiskey. The town seems a bit angry, like the man who could start yelling at a signpost for no reason and everyone thinks it’s perfectly normal. Alas, my Flynn heritage is from this region so I must take part of the blame, or at least yell at a signpost every now and again.

      We grabbed a quick brekkie, BEFORE 10 AM! and made our way to a small town outside of Cork called Ballincollig. We performed two shows at a very interesting library for two VERY different groups of children. First, and all boys group that LOVED it, then a more tentative group that loved it even more. It was a wonderful way to start our paying gigs here.

     Unfortunately, this day is tempered by some sad new from home about one of my sisters. Family is one thread I do miss and knowing that some of them are in pain/trouble/angst is exteremly difficult. However, I must turn my head to my task at hand, pray for the family I cannot touch, and keep moving and doing whatever I can for them.

Till soon…


3 thoughts on “First day of the show…Ya’ll (hangs head in shame for reference)

  1. news is better. some headway has been made with your sister. always hopeful, at least I’m breathing from my diaphragm full now and not gasping for breath. love from home, mom and da

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