Happy Birthday, Laura! We’re happy you were born.

Yum, Yum Whiskey

What a beautiful Sunday! I woke up early and took my usual walk in a totally un-usual place. Athlone is wonderful in the morning. Quiet, even at 8am: another reason I love this city. Note to all who read: I am an OLD PERSON. I love a show called “SUNDAY MORNING” on CBS. It’s basically a whole heap of human interest stories from a range of different commentators. It ends, every Sunday morning, with a quiet minute in a national park, or field of flowers or in front of a roaring waterfall. I love the ending of the show and every sunday so far I have been able to have my very own Sunday morning moment. Today it was on the River Shannon and I was passing a grey tabby cat and I saw a boat that was probably placed there by a local for just-such-a-postcard-moment. All I could here was the church bell and the water falling a few feet away. Priceless.

After I got back we made a quick breakfast of eggs (Which they leave out on the counter here thank you very much everyone who says otherwise) and Austin and Rita and I met up with Lou and Laura. We wandered around town and had a pint before heading to a cafe and checking our e-mails, trying to stay in touch with the world. The cafe is owned by the brother-in-law of the PassionFruit theatre company. Who, by the way, just handed us the keys to her space to use as we see fit. This kind of thing does NOT happen in America and we are SO blessed to have the chance meet these amazing people.

We ladies then returned home and got all dolled up for dinner at Kin Khao, a Thai food location since Laura loves Thai food. Besides, she was ill yesterday and Tom Kai soup is great for the sinus! We took some beautiful pictures as featured below.

After we got home we had a a sip of 12 year old Powers Whisky. My favorite whisky and I had no idea they made a 12 year. It was fine, smooth and almost too good to be true. Followed by the sprinkles (since I can’t have cream or cake) from a dark forest, cherry birthday cake for Laura.

I believe the sick girl is ready to go out so I will hopefully have a pictorial update soon.


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